Why I like Sander Kleinenberg…

December 21, 2012 in DJs by Mark Vicente

Recently International DJ Sander Kleinenberg posted a pic on his facebook page that put a smile on my face. It was a picture of him spinning with the caption that read “most difficult gig of the year; playing at my daughter’s school.”

I love this for so many reasons. Sander’s sound has been such a huge influence on the electronic music scene for decades now and he practically pioneered the concept of adding Digital Video imagery to his shows around the globe.

I had the privilege of seeing Sander Kleinenberg once in Toronto. What I remember was his energy and passion behind the decks and his love for creating a good party. I am a sucker for a DJ who dances and smiles when he’s playing. That kind of openness and love is what transcends a simple night clubbing into an uplifting experience.

I love this photo because I have this conversation in my head that to be a successful, International DJ like Sander Kleinenberg, you can’t have a “normal” life. That with fame and recognition comes sacrifices and compromises that can’t support a healthy relationship that include family and kids.

This photo completely shatters that illusion. It makes me believe that if you follow your dreams there is no reason why you can’t have it all; you can have a successful night life career AND a happy family-life if that’s what you want. And what I like most about this photo is that whether it’s a gig in one of the most impressive clubs in the world, or his daughter’s class, Sander is still putting his hands in the air and smiling ear to ear. That, to me, is inspiring.