Q/A with The Salivation Army

August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized by Mark Vicente

I’m so excited I get to share the decks with Sarah Bernard aka The Salivation Army this Sunday August 18th  for  Qomplitaion Qouleur at Peopl. Check out her answers below on all things Party  related :)



Mark Vicente: Who/What were your inspirations in becoming a DJ?
The Salivation Army:What motivated me to become a DJ is less of a “who” and more of a “what”. I remember first being allowed “out” without a curfew, having been a teenager for just over 6 months. I went to some clubs, sure, but my main events were house parties. Of course, there, all the guests would play at being the DJ, this being the first years of the iPod and all. This resulted in people cutting off songs to put in their own, and parties where the music stopped and went more times than the guests managed to get a good dance in. This sat with me so wrongly, I couldn’t shake this newly formed principle in my head “you can’t interrupt a dancefloor!” I was so determined to ensure this wouldn’t happen anywhere else that I left, went home and taught myself to DJ.


Mark Vicente: Why do you think Club Culture is an important part of Society?
The Salivation Army: It’s not so much about Club Culture for me as much as it concerns having a space to dance in, to let loose in. When I hear “Club Culture”, it brings to mind a specificity (of place, of crowd, of atmosphere) that I’m trying to work beyond. The genres of music I play come from cultures where dancing and socializing in general seem almost inextricably combined (my own included). Having this as a background, I have quite a bit of trouble imagining a society without the space or the time of day for people to dance their faces off at some point!

Mark Vicente: How would you describe the perfect party?
The Salivation Army: I’ve definitely heard myself say “this is the best party of my life!” quite a few times over the course of my career. Those were nights when I looked out and saw the crowd and the dancefloor having an undeniably good time, when the music was on point and when, afterwards, those of us who were there find ourselves unable to stop talking about it for a good few days if not more.

Mark Vicente: What kind of experience can people can expect from a Salivation Army party?
The Salivation Army: I used to sum this up with two words: Booty bass. What I mean is that everything I play is to give the floor a reason to wild out- it’s all going to make you want to dance (slow, rough, dirty, whatev) so expect booty shaking, alcohol powered stunts (not necessarily by me!), general ridiculousness. It’s a good time.

Mark Vicente:  In five years where would you like to be as a DJ?
The Salivation Army: In five years I won’t be as much of a youngin’ anymore, so I hope I can still pull those stunts that I’m so totally not pulling at my parties presently :) But in all seriousness, I would like to keep bringing the party wherever I can, North-America is amazing but I bet I’d have the time of my life doing this on the other side of the ocean every now and again. In 5 years, I hope I keep meeting my heroes and raising the bar for more and more occasions to say “best gig of my life!”

Come check out Mark Vicente and The Salivation Army at Qompilation Qouleur Sunday August 18th


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