Q/A with Oren Nizri

July 4, 2013 in DJs, Events, Words by Mark Vicente


Oren Nizri is the resident DJ at The Manor Complex, one of the biggest and most successful clubs in South Florida. During the past few years Oren Nizri had very successful shows from Coast to Coast; and has toured internationally throughout Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Israel and Australia. Oren Nizri has also headlined major LGBT events including The White Party and Winter Party Festival in Miami as well as major festival Hell & Heaven 2011 – one of Brazil’s most attended annual music conferences. Other major international festivals include Sounds Festival in Lima (Peru) , Summer Sounds Festival in Mexico, Gay Prides in Canada, Fall Festival in Argentina, Black Party in London, Winter Music Conference and ULTRA in Miami.

Oren Nizri will be at Appollon, Montreal on Saturday July 6th as part of Inferno Canada Men infernocamen.com
Check out what he has to say about DJing!

Mark Vicente: Who would you say are your DJ influences/Inspiration?

Oren Nizri: I grew up on the classic house sound of the 90′s , so the list is endless. Just to name a few Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez ,Masters at Work, Grant Nelson, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles etc

Mark Vicente: At one point did you know that your passion for DJing would also become your career?
Oren Nizri: I wanted to be a movie director as a kid but that idea didn’t last for long. At the age of 16 I really got into music when house music exploded globally – in the mid 90′s – I got so hooked. That’s the first time i ever thought of just and idea to become a DJ but not too seriously and then little by little i knew that’s what i really wanted to do.

Mark Vicente: Why do you think Nightlife/Club Culture is important in Society?
Oren Nizri: For so many reasons but I think one of the main reason is that the whole club culture has always been a way to escape. People work hard all week and when the weekend come, all they wanna do is go out and escape for few hours.. get lost in the magic of the lights the music, not worry about anything just pure fun.

Mark Vicente: What’s one thing you’d like people to know about the Art of DJing
Oren Nizri:It’s not as easy as it looks .There’s a lot of hard work into it in every aspect and it never ends. Every night is like a brand new start. The crowd’s mood and vibes are changing from gig to gig and you always have to be 2 steps ahead. Most importantly, a good DJ should be able to adapt, to entertain and to deliver every time. Every performance is never the same and that makes our work fun but also challenging.

Mark Vicente: What kind of experience can people expect from an Oren Nizri set?
Oren Nizri:I really believe in a journey, a concept that seems to get lost this days. I’m all about taking you to a magical ride of quality house music that is very driven and energetic. I describe my music style like a mixture of sexy and uplifting euro big room house music. If my style sounds exciting to you, I promise you a night you wont forget.

Mark Vicente: How would you describe the perfect party?
Oren Nizri: High production, amazing sounds system and creative themes and visuals, always make for a great experience. I love parties where everyone comes together for the experience and the music. There are a lot of parties like that in Israel, and the energy is just out of control.

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