===NIGHT VISION=== welcome to my Website/Blog

December 7, 2012 in Words by Mark Vicente

Of course I wanted to create a website so people could find me on the web, hear my mixes and find a way to book my DJ services. But I also wanted a forum to explore some really simple ideas and questions:

- what exactly is Night Life? What is its purpose?

- Why is it important to have a Night Life? What is the role of a DJ?

- What is the relation between Day Life and Night Life? Between Music and Dancer? Between Dancer and Club space?

- What makes a vibrant and diverse Club scene and community?

I’m hoping to use this weekly blog as a means to inquire about these (and other) questions. I’ve been going to clubs since I was seventeen. I can remember vividly my first experience going to a Rave that my friend Brendan took me to. I remember being immersed in darkness and shooting lights and music with bass that made my ribcage rattle and skin vibrate.

This love affair with Night Life has led me to this point. And more than ever I am so curious about this need for people to congregate and move in rhythm together to beats that are at the same time both ancient and futuristic. I am so fascinated by this desire to dress up or cloak ourselves and sneak out into the night to go dancing.

I think there’s something necessary about having a healthy Night Life. Whether it’s meeting cool people or going to a great restaurant. Night Life is a way for us to connect in a way that it very different from our daily lives. We approach people differently, we say things differently.

With the amount of energy, effort and seriousness we put in our daily lives, ask yourself, “Is it really important to my growth and development to have a Night Life?”