DJ Q/A: Scott James

March 17, 2014 in DJs, images, Words by Mark Vicente

Scott James is one of those Montreal DJs who has been steadily growing in the scene for many years now. As Resident at Circus Afterhours and with many productions under his belt with several labels, this dude has shown staying power, talent and charisma. He’s opened for big names like Benny Bennasi but still rides a Bixi bike to work on occasion which I think is pretty bad-ass.


Mark Vicente: How did you get into DJing?
Scott James: When I was a student at McGill a buddy of mine had a DJ set up at his place. One day I was just playing around with it and thought, “hey this is pretty cool.” It took me about four months to save money and buy my own gear but when I did I was hooked.

Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture important in society?
Scott James: I think going out and clubbing is such an important way of learning to connect with people. It’s a place to practice being out there, making new friends, new connections and flirting. If you think about it, most successful people are people who know how to engage, express ideas and network. I think Clubbing can really help with that.

Mark Vicente:What do you like about the Electronic Music Scene in Montreal?
Scott James: There are just so many parties and really good DJs. Anything you want to experience is happening here whether it’s a big name DJ, a cool Event or an awesome After Hours. It’s all here year round.

Mark Vicente: What are you most proud of as a DJ?
Scott James: One career highlight would playing in front of ten thousand people at Escapade in Ottawa. I also had a request from a fan in Sri Lanka who liked my productions and was playing them out in the clubs out there. He was doing a benefit for a friend who needed heart surgery and wanted me to give his friend a shout out over the internet which I gladly did. It’s really touching to see how my music is impacting people around the world.

Mark Vicente: What kind of advice would you give to young DJs who are starting out?
Scott James: Definitely to treat DJing like a startup. This is your business and your brand. Also to be patient and keep your eye on the bigger picture. I’ve been growing steadily because I am persistent and I continue playing the game.

Mark Vicente: In two words how would you describe the Scott James sound/experience?
Scott James: Fucking exciting.


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