Dj Q/A Jojo Flores

January 21, 2014 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente

I have such respect for this DJ. He’s hard working, passionate, dedicated to his craft and is just an all around cool person. His party Therapy, celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary at Peopl this Saturday. Check out what the Montreal Ambassador for all things House had to say about his Art.


Mark Vicente: What was the moment you knew DJing and Producing would be your career?
Jojo Flores: The moment was when I realized I was able to buy records, pay rent, and put food on the table with my DJ salary. I started DJing as a hobby in 1983. In 1993 I decided to make djing a full time project. I had a Thursday & Saturday night residency at Montreal’s legendary Di Salvio’s. 5 years later I started traveling the world.

Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture a vital part of society?
Jojo Flores: It’s still a great way to meet socially, and an important way to discover new music and artists.

Mark Vicente: What are your thoughts on the Montreal Electronic Scene/Community?
Jojo Flores: The scene in Montreal is vibrant and I think it’s definitely one of the best in North America. Montreal produces amazing international artists (DJs, Producers, and Vocalists). Not to mention Montreal hosts respected festivals such as Mutek, Piknic Electronik, and Igloofest.

Mark Vicente: What kind of experience can people expect from a night with Jojo Flores?
Jojo Flores: Strictly positive vibes. A journey through different shades of electronic music, with different shades of Peopl.

Mark Vicente: What kind of advice would you give to a new DJ looking to graduate from the bedroom into the clubs?
Jojo Flores: Respect the art of DJing, respect the music you play, keep your sound consistent, and promote yourself to the fullest (social media, mix tapes, business cards, etc…)

Mark Vicente: Share one of your proudest moments as a DJ
Jojo Flores: One of the proudest moments is when I played in the Philippines. A major TV network booked me for a festival in Boracay. It was my first time back home since I moved to Canada; 28 years later.


Fifteen Years of Therapy this Saturday

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