DJ Q/A: Cajjmere Wray

September 27, 2013 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente


I have been such a huge fan of this guy’s productions for years now so I am so happy to share this Q/A I had with Cajjmere Wray.

Cajjmere Wray stirs the mix along with many house styles including big room, top 40 remix, progressive and elec-tribal. He has been able to set himself apart successfully from many other DJ’s through his productions, and by being able to manipulate any crowd into a frenzy which is definitely part of what makes him a very rare talent.

Here is what Cajjmere Wray ahd to say about his craft:

Mark Vicente: Which DJs continue to inspire/influence you?
Cajjmere Wray:Though he is no longer with us, my friend and colleague, the late DJ/Artist/Producer Peter Rauhofer was, and still is a big inspiration to not only myself, but also to countless others in the industry. He brought a certain quality to the table that could never be matched, nor should it ever try to be matched. Even though he still inspires me with the knowledge he taught me over the years, I do bring much of myself into productions to make them my own. Other talents that continue to influence me are Danny Tenaglia, Hardwell, Nicole Moudaber and Miss Jennifer to name only a few.

Mark Vicente: What do you like about Producing and what do you like about DJing?
Cajjmere Wray:The thing I love most about production is that it allows me to freely express myself through the music and bring something fresh to the dance floor. I cannot stand ‘cookie cutter music’, it drives me fucking bonkers, lol. For example, most of what’s on the current house charts all have a similar layout in the production format, and they don’t offer much of a variety to DJ’s who want something more from a track than to sound exactly like the song they JUST played! I love DJ’ing because it gives me the opportunity to kinda use the dance floor in an experimental fashion, by using it to test out my new and upcoming releases. Many times I play things that drive a floor crazy and not one person in the room will know it’s my production. That alone secretly gives me an enormous high.

Mark Vicente: Why is nightlife important in today’s society?
Cajjmere Wray:I believe that nightlife will always maintain a certain level of importance in greater society, because it gives people the opportunity to escape the everyday mundane nature of their lives. We as a people cannot survive strictly on clockwork habits in the office and the occasional family gathering. Hitting a club with friends allows for the chaos in your subconscious to come alive. For some it can turn violent, but for most it’s just a drunken night out on the town, dancing your ass off and enjoying GOOD quality music, (if you know where to find it…*hint hint* LOL!).

Mark Vicente: What experience can people expect from a Cajjmere Wray party?
Cajjmere Wray:Coming to one of my events is like waking up on Christmas morning. You never know exactly what you’ll get from under the tree, but you KNOW you are gonna love it because Santa wouldn’t mess with you….right? *wink* I just like to pay homage to DJ’s and artists from all walks of life and give them their time through the speakers. Many times I will think my set was absolute shit, yet tons of people will come up to me at the end of the party raging about it, and the following week triple numbers of people will show up, lol. I think my humble nature is what keeps me grounded and keeps my events honest and in good fun.

Mark Vicente: As a DJ/Producer, where do you see yourself in five years?
Cajjmere Wray:The future can be a great thing or an ugly thing, and it really comes down to what you put into it, to help make it what it could possibly be. I’d like to say my future will be stunning and great, yet with the demise of the music industry always hanging in the balance, it’s a tough card to call. I think as long as people keep an open mind and continue to love music, and the majority still don’t mind opening up their wallets to support who they want to hear on their iPod’s, myself and a few others should be okay. An important bit of advice I always give on the future of production in music, is that it’s no longer about the money, you have to really love what you do in order to keep yourself going from day to day, and I do love it.

Mark Vicente: What elements create an amazing night?
Cajjmere Wray:An amazing night can incorporate many elements, and I am seeing that people want more, more, more! The bigger the better (as I’ve been told). So that’s why we tend to see more of these big party productions being put on now (ie: EDC Vegas, Matinee, Sensation etc etc..), because people want something bright and flashy to look at along with the music. It’s sad however that some of parties deliver AMAZING visuals, and lack serious luster in the quality of music on deck. I don’t always think of myself as anything great on the decks, but I do have a good sense of what IS great, and a few talents I’ve heard play at these festivals honestly made me shake my head in question. I’m all for the big flashy productions because indeed they do bring the excitement of a party to another level, and if that’s what people want in current times then why not pump it as hard as you can go?

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