DJ Q/A: Rich & Kiss

March 29, 2014 in DJs, Events, images, Words by Mark Vicente


Let this DJ Duo help you groove your way into Spring. Rich & Kiss will be manning the decks tonight at Peopl. Not to be missed! Here’s what they had to say about the Art of DJing

Mark Vicente: How would you describe the Rich & Kiss sound?
Rich & Kiss: Deep. Uplifting. And hopefully arousing. There are many different factors to consider when playing a set: your mood, the crowd, the venue. All things considered, we generally have a soulful spice that’s buttered up with heavy undertones.

Mark Vicente: As a duo, how do you guys like to share the deck duties?
Rich & Kiss: We pretty much duke it out for playing time but having 4 hands helps with things like sound effects. It offers room for versatility so we’re incorporating a few other cool plug-ins like the Maschine.

Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture an important aspect of society?
Rich & Kiss: It brings people together. No matter what race, religion, sex, etc. None of that matters any more. Everyone is together for one simple reason: the music. It’s so healthy.

Mark Vicente: What has been your proudest moment as DJs so far?
Rich & Kiss: Cliche as it sounds, we’re having so much fun that it makes everything pretty awesome. That being said, our residency at Peopl is something that we love.

Mark Vicente: What is the perfect party experience?
Rich & Kiss: Having a great sound system, a full venue (but not overly-packed) where EVERYONE is dancing and loving our shit. Gets us high.

Mark Vicente: What would be your dream city/club/festival to play for and why?
Rich & Kiss: There’s so many gold-standard venues, like Space in Ibiza, that are a backbone for the culture. We’d be privileged to be added to the list of performers. But in all honesty, we think things will keep changing – venues, events, themes. The scene is so dynamic and getting so integrated with modern society that innovation is inevitable – not exclusively for the sound. It should create some colourful dynamics and we want to contribute and share with everyone.

check out Rich & Kiss tonight at Peopl:

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DJ Q/A: Scott James

March 17, 2014 in DJs, images, Words by Mark Vicente

Scott James is one of those Montreal DJs who has been steadily growing in the scene for many years now. As Resident at Circus Afterhours and with many productions under his belt with several labels, this dude has shown staying power, talent and charisma. He’s opened for big names like Benny Bennasi but still rides a Bixi bike to work on occasion which I think is pretty bad-ass.


Mark Vicente: How did you get into DJing?
Scott James: When I was a student at McGill a buddy of mine had a DJ set up at his place. One day I was just playing around with it and thought, “hey this is pretty cool.” It took me about four months to save money and buy my own gear but when I did I was hooked.

Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture important in society?
Scott James: I think going out and clubbing is such an important way of learning to connect with people. It’s a place to practice being out there, making new friends, new connections and flirting. If you think about it, most successful people are people who know how to engage, express ideas and network. I think Clubbing can really help with that.

Mark Vicente:What do you like about the Electronic Music Scene in Montreal?
Scott James: There are just so many parties and really good DJs. Anything you want to experience is happening here whether it’s a big name DJ, a cool Event or an awesome After Hours. It’s all here year round.

Mark Vicente: What are you most proud of as a DJ?
Scott James: One career highlight would playing in front of ten thousand people at Escapade in Ottawa. I also had a request from a fan in Sri Lanka who liked my productions and was playing them out in the clubs out there. He was doing a benefit for a friend who needed heart surgery and wanted me to give his friend a shout out over the internet which I gladly did. It’s really touching to see how my music is impacting people around the world.

Mark Vicente: What kind of advice would you give to young DJs who are starting out?
Scott James: Definitely to treat DJing like a startup. This is your business and your brand. Also to be patient and keep your eye on the bigger picture. I’ve been growing steadily because I am persistent and I continue playing the game.

Mark Vicente: In two words how would you describe the Scott James sound/experience?
Scott James: Fucking exciting.


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DJ Q/A with Heidy. P

March 8, 2014 in DJs, Events, images, Words by Mark Vicente

I’m so excited that the THUMP crew gets to throw a party with this cool cat this Saturday at The Royal Phoenix. Here’s what she had to say about DJing.1607098_424393124362624_2013711726_n

Mark Vicente: What inspired you to become a DJ?
Heidy.P: I became a dj because of radio. It all started with this radio show I was hosting on CISM 89,3FM, Ce soir on danse. I was 19 years old then and did the show for 7 years. Not long after starting hosting it, a friend asked me to be a guest dj at a night he was doing at Saphir. I agreed and ended up liking it a lot. Soon after, I convinced Korova owner (back then it was Jose…remember when korova had a dragon head behind the bar?) to give me a weekly on Sundays, Week-ends never end. My music taste changed a lot throughout the yeas and I slowly shifted from a more post-punk/indie sound to house and techno.

Mark Vicente:Why do you think Club Culture is important in today’s society?
Heidy.P:I think club culture is important in a society cause people tend to be more open minded in nightlife. It can be a way to change people pre-conceived idea and let them explore their creativity.

Mark Vicente:Describe your perfect party
Heidy.P:A perfect party relies on a good soundsystem. If you have enough bass the rest should follow. Also having an open minded crowd that is there for the music and not just to do drugs is an important factor. I’m also into discovering new spaces. There was a Resident advisor mini documentary about the club culture in Paris and the promoter was explaining how finding the perfect spot was part of the thrill. He’d take a scooter trip to find perfect places a little outside Paris. I really hope to be able to do that at some point; drag Montrealers outside of their comfort zone (Plateau/Mile-end) and throw parties in warehouses, unusual buildings or even remote fields or lakes…

Mark Vicente:what is one of you proudest moments as a DJ
Heidy.P:Last Saturday at Montreal en Lumières was a moving experience. I got to DJ for 4 hours in front of 10 000 people at Place-des-Arts. It was freaking cold but most of the people at the front stayed for the whole set and danced their asses off. The crowd was way younger than I’m used to (at the front at least) so it was a challenge to keep them enthusiastic for the whole set but it the end I was able to balance my old school house with newer bassy sounds and it worked just fine. It was a rewarding experience.

Mark Vicente:What do you love about the Montreal Electronic Music Scene and what could it improve on?
Heidy.P:I really love what has been happening in the Montreal electronic music scene in the past few years. There are a lot of new players that keep the scene healthy (Forbidden Planet, Booma Collective, Morning Fever, Thump,…) . Now what has to improve is the city’s obsession to shut down after parties and give fines to clubs due to noise complaints. We’ll see how things change with Coderre open to the idea of keeping certain bars open until 6am.

Mark Vicente:What kind of experience can people expect from a night with Heidy Pinet?
Heidy.P:I consider myself equally a host and a dj. I’m in the nightlife for the love of music but also for the love of partying. I like to talk people coming to my shows and I try to make them feel at home. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure everything is perfect and everybody is having a good time. I’m not afraid to drop some classics here and there to make people smile. I’m tryng to make it as fun as possible and I’m not affraid to go from house to techno to disco and mix things around.

Come see Heidy. P at THUMP tonight!


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January 24, 2014 in DJs, Events, Words by Mark Vicente

B’Ugo will be spinning this Saturday along side heavy hitters Jojo Flores and JaBig for the 15th Anniversary of Therapy at Peopl featuring Julie McKnight. This party is going to bring much needed heat to these cold Montreal nights. Check out what the prolific DJ has to say about his craft.

1488027_625847640806359_1907488035_nMark Vicente: When was the moment you started DJing professionally?
B’Ugo: I was lucky enough to start directly at the club without much practice. That was over 15 years. it kinda just happened. I was able to practice on the job and perfect my technique with each live gig. I then started investing in a set up at home so I could make my own mixes. Back then it was a little harder to get live recordings of yourself at the club… I would give them out in cassettes! Remember those?? LOL

Mark Vicente: Montreal has a vibrant electronic music scene. What do you love about it and what, in your opinion, still needs improvement?
B’Ugo: I love the people. We’re all a little crazy and probably wouldn’t hang out in the daylight. But at night anything goes right? I’ve always been attracted to things that are outside of the norm so the dance music scene was perfect for me. I’ve been lucky enough in my 15 years in the biz to be able to cross the different sub-scenes : 1 week I can be doing a aggressive electro party like Gaybash at Cabaret Underworld and the next a deep house gig with Julie McKnight at Peopl. Throughout that I’ve managed to keep my own signature B’UGO Sound. Everything always needs improvement, but I’m not one to be nostalgic about how things used to me. IMHO when you start talking in the past too much it might be time to think about retiring.

Mark Vicente: Who are the DJs/Producers that inspire you?
B’Ugo: I’m a Danny Tenaglia groupie. He has and continues to inspire me musically to this day. I try never to miss his marathons when he’s in town. I like many others like Carl Cox, Frankie Knuckles, Manny Ward, Junior Vasquez. I also dig more newschool jocks like Nathan Barrato, Carlo Lio and the techno queen herself Nicole Moudaber. I’m into deep and dark shit when I’m on the dancefloor.

Mark Vicente: Describe your perfect Party/Club experience
B’Ugo: I love marathon parties where you stay in at the club for over 12h. Stereo is the best place to do that in Montreal. For it to be perfect there need to be a lil production and not too many Djs playing. some seating is a must and a bar with Alcohol can be a bonus! :D I also dig Beach parties which I’ve been doing latley in Turks and Caicos. Going back this summer for another one.

Mark Vicente: What are you most proud of as a DJ?
B’Ugo: I’m still here doing what I live. I’m obsessed with it and very lucky I get to play out as much as I do.


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Dj Q/A Jojo Flores

January 21, 2014 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente

I have such respect for this DJ. He’s hard working, passionate, dedicated to his craft and is just an all around cool person. His party Therapy, celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary at Peopl this Saturday. Check out what the Montreal Ambassador for all things House had to say about his Art.


Mark Vicente: What was the moment you knew DJing and Producing would be your career?
Jojo Flores: The moment was when I realized I was able to buy records, pay rent, and put food on the table with my DJ salary. I started DJing as a hobby in 1983. In 1993 I decided to make djing a full time project. I had a Thursday & Saturday night residency at Montreal’s legendary Di Salvio’s. 5 years later I started traveling the world.

Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture a vital part of society?
Jojo Flores: It’s still a great way to meet socially, and an important way to discover new music and artists.

Mark Vicente: What are your thoughts on the Montreal Electronic Scene/Community?
Jojo Flores: The scene in Montreal is vibrant and I think it’s definitely one of the best in North America. Montreal produces amazing international artists (DJs, Producers, and Vocalists). Not to mention Montreal hosts respected festivals such as Mutek, Piknic Electronik, and Igloofest.

Mark Vicente: What kind of experience can people expect from a night with Jojo Flores?
Jojo Flores: Strictly positive vibes. A journey through different shades of electronic music, with different shades of Peopl.

Mark Vicente: What kind of advice would you give to a new DJ looking to graduate from the bedroom into the clubs?
Jojo Flores: Respect the art of DJing, respect the music you play, keep your sound consistent, and promote yourself to the fullest (social media, mix tapes, business cards, etc…)

Mark Vicente: Share one of your proudest moments as a DJ
Jojo Flores: One of the proudest moments is when I played in the Philippines. A major TV network booked me for a festival in Boracay. It was my first time back home since I moved to Canada; 28 years later.


Fifteen Years of Therapy this Saturday

Listen to Jojo Flores:

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Q/A Craig Dominic

December 24, 2013 in DJs, Events, Words by Mark Vicente


Craig Dominic just celebrated his sixth year as resident DJ at Crews/Tango and I am very happy that I get an opportunity to DJ alongside him this Friday for College Night. Here is what he had to say about the Art of DJing.

DJ Mark Vicente: When did you know DJing was a passion you wanted to pursue?
Craig Dominic: I realized I loved DJ’ing even before I started. I just never admitted it to myself. I DJ’d (cue’d tracks) in highschool and always spent my time listening to, giving my opinion on, sharing music with everyone else. It was just a matter of time I guess.

DJ Mark Vicente: Who are the DJs/Producers that continue to inspire you?
Craig Dominic: R&B is my first love so the top producers for me give R&B beats.
Even though he’s not so present anymore, Babyface has always been my number one producer.
I have loved Timbaland, Rich Harrison and Rodney Jerkins over the years.
Otherwise I am a huge fan of Dave Aude, Calvin Harris, Avicii right now.

DJ Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture important in Society?
Craig Dominic:Club culture in general is overlooked as a drunken fantasy life but today it’s where the majority of social interaction outside of work happens. It’s in some ways one of the last great equalizers we have. People of different status, finances, careers, lives etc all find themselves in the same clubs intersecting.

DJ Mark Vicente: How would describe your perfect Party Night Out?
Craig Dominic: My perfect night out is a night filled with R&B music. I’m going on 35 and if anyone plays me R&B from the 90s you’ve basically made my night. I don’t need to drink much, just give me three songs in a row I want to dance to and I’m warmed up.

DJ Mark Vicente: In the past year, what is your proudest moment as a DJ/Producer?
Craig Dominic: My proudest moment as a DJ the last year would be my sets over Toronto Pride 2013. Without getting into it this was the hardest year I’ve ever had on this planet and the epicenter of it all was in June of this year. That I was able to still go out there and play maybe the best I have this year on such a grand scale makes me proud.

I will be spinning with Craig Dominic this Friday for a Special College Night at Church in Church


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“Stop Watching TV” my Q/A with NOTV

November 12, 2013 in DJs, images, Words by Mark Vicente


I am super stoked that I got Julian Prince of the collective known as NOTV to participate in a Q/A for me. I greatly respect his sound and creativity, not to mention his Restaurant/Bar Lounge that he co-owns, Joverse, is one of the hottest places to go in Old Montreal. Here’s what he had to say about the art of DJing and Producing.

Mark Vicente: How did NOTV get created?
Julian Prince/ NOTV: Sean and I have known each other since we were 14. I started djing at 16 when Sean picked up a guitar and started composing songs. I met Amine at Cherry much later, on my wednesday night weekly party called “The Other People’s Secret Weekend”. He had just arrived from Paris, was tired of that city and was looking for a new home. We became instant friends. He came by my studio and we made a track called The Fun Maker and a bootleg of Country from Empire of the Sun. Working with him was very organic and seemed natural from the first kick. Six months later we convinced Sean to join us and had him and his guitarist come by the studio to jam. We recorded the vocals without telling Sean and made a track with it called Inside and Out…he was part of NOTV without knowing it. He had no choice but to join us.

Mark Vicente: What are the pro’s of working I a collective
NOTV: People often say three is a bad number. It’s the animal law that two people naturally teams up on one. for this project to move forward, we came up with the rule that majority wins right from the beginning. Everyone brings their best to the project. Sean is the crazy scientist, he comes up with new ways to treat the sound and sings, Amine is the tweaker, he’s got more patience and a good ear, I’ve got the experience so I’m the architect, I polish the tunes, structure the djing and co-write the songs with Sean.

Mark Vicente: why is club culture important in society?
NOTV:Because it’s a place where everyone in society can have fun together without giving importance to the background, the color, the sexual orientation, the job, the money in the bank account…all people care about is dancing and having a good time. Club music makes that possible.

Mark Vicente: what kind of experience can people expect when going to a NOTV event?
NOTV: We’re high energy. You can hear the passion through the speakers. We play alot of our songs, we can dj, sing, play the instruments…anyway get ready, we may surprise you!

Mark Vicente: what has been the proudest/ exciting/ craziest moment of NOTV so far?
NOTV: Nic Warren closing all his sets of summer 2013 with our remix of From Loving You from Gone Deville.

Mark Vicente: what kind of advice or encouragement would you give to up and coming producers?
NOTV: Don’t waste your time watching TV. Music is now democratic. Everyone can make music without having a 100k studio. Don’t go to school for this, school yourself. Youtube is the best teacher. It really comes down to how many dedicated hours you put in and how much you want it. 10% talent, the rest is work.

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DJ Q/A with Jackie Spade

October 29, 2013 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente

After living in New York for many years I decided to move back home to Montreal. Jackie Spade was one of the first DJs I got to meet. I am so happy she took some time to reconnect and contribute to my DJ Blog. Here’s what she had to say about DJing.


Mark Vicente:Who are your influences as a DJ and Producer?
Jackie Spade:John Roberts, Steven Campodonico,Avatism, Coeter one and from way back, Carlo Lio. Honestly, a lot of the people closer to me who are incredibly talented artists have influenced me greatly as well, you all know who you are.

Mark Vicente:At what moment did you know that DJing and Producing would be your career?
Jackie Spade:There was one Morning in Montreal a few years ago after my night at Circus Afterhours, which was 3-9am, I thought to myself, man, it’s so cold, I’m so tired….why do I do this to myself? And I thought about it for a second, the night, the crowd, the vibe, the love, the music, everything. I smiled, to myself, walking down the street. I couldn’t stop smiling. I got a feeling that I can hardly describe, A very happy, whole, reassuring, eureka kind of feeling ( I was completely sober by the way, haha). So I thought to myself, aha. THAT is why I do this to myself. That feeling is worth much more than sleep ever will be, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Mark Vicente:Why is club culture important in today’s society?
Jackie Spade:That’s a very loaded question because there are different definitions of Club culture, especially with the rise of “EDM culture”, which means something quite different from what I see as club culture. I see it as a community where you aren’t judged, it really IS all about the music and the vibe, and the real relationships you make within it. It is important because it moves people, it gives people a chance to do and feel and wear what they want and connect in ways that might not have been possible in daytime/every day life.

Mark Vicente:What kind of experience can people expect from a Jackie Spade party?
Jackie Spade:I like to take people on a journey through different genres of house and techno. You can expect music that will keep you bouncing, but not tire you out within an hour. Also expect a more personal experience, I like to be as close to the crowd as possible and look up at them often to interact!

Mark Vicente: You’ve lived in Montreal and now are in Toronto. What do you love about Toronto and miss about Montreal?
Jackie Spade:What I love about Toronto is the universal culture where you work hard and play hard. it makes the playing feel more rewarding and at some venues/events you really feel that “let loose” vibe. What I miss about Montreal is the tighter knit community. Some of the best times I have had are in a basement or DJing just with friends, creating a dance floor in a bedroom. I haven’t found a whole lot of that in Toronto yet.

Mark Vicente:In the last year what are you most proud of?
Jackie Spade:I have to say I am most proud of my new project “Tides”. It is a very personal collection of sets that came out of me when I was in different moods on different days. I think it shows my growth as an artist, and my diversity in terms of music.

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DJ Q/A: Cajjmere Wray

September 27, 2013 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente


I have been such a huge fan of this guy’s productions for years now so I am so happy to share this Q/A I had with Cajjmere Wray.

Cajjmere Wray stirs the mix along with many house styles including big room, top 40 remix, progressive and elec-tribal. He has been able to set himself apart successfully from many other DJ’s through his productions, and by being able to manipulate any crowd into a frenzy which is definitely part of what makes him a very rare talent.

Here is what Cajjmere Wray ahd to say about his craft:

Mark Vicente: Which DJs continue to inspire/influence you?
Cajjmere Wray:Though he is no longer with us, my friend and colleague, the late DJ/Artist/Producer Peter Rauhofer was, and still is a big inspiration to not only myself, but also to countless others in the industry. He brought a certain quality to the table that could never be matched, nor should it ever try to be matched. Even though he still inspires me with the knowledge he taught me over the years, I do bring much of myself into productions to make them my own. Other talents that continue to influence me are Danny Tenaglia, Hardwell, Nicole Moudaber and Miss Jennifer to name only a few.

Mark Vicente: What do you like about Producing and what do you like about DJing?
Cajjmere Wray:The thing I love most about production is that it allows me to freely express myself through the music and bring something fresh to the dance floor. I cannot stand ‘cookie cutter music’, it drives me fucking bonkers, lol. For example, most of what’s on the current house charts all have a similar layout in the production format, and they don’t offer much of a variety to DJ’s who want something more from a track than to sound exactly like the song they JUST played! I love DJ’ing because it gives me the opportunity to kinda use the dance floor in an experimental fashion, by using it to test out my new and upcoming releases. Many times I play things that drive a floor crazy and not one person in the room will know it’s my production. That alone secretly gives me an enormous high.

Mark Vicente: Why is nightlife important in today’s society?
Cajjmere Wray:I believe that nightlife will always maintain a certain level of importance in greater society, because it gives people the opportunity to escape the everyday mundane nature of their lives. We as a people cannot survive strictly on clockwork habits in the office and the occasional family gathering. Hitting a club with friends allows for the chaos in your subconscious to come alive. For some it can turn violent, but for most it’s just a drunken night out on the town, dancing your ass off and enjoying GOOD quality music, (if you know where to find it…*hint hint* LOL!).

Mark Vicente: What experience can people expect from a Cajjmere Wray party?
Cajjmere Wray:Coming to one of my events is like waking up on Christmas morning. You never know exactly what you’ll get from under the tree, but you KNOW you are gonna love it because Santa wouldn’t mess with you….right? *wink* I just like to pay homage to DJ’s and artists from all walks of life and give them their time through the speakers. Many times I will think my set was absolute shit, yet tons of people will come up to me at the end of the party raging about it, and the following week triple numbers of people will show up, lol. I think my humble nature is what keeps me grounded and keeps my events honest and in good fun.

Mark Vicente: As a DJ/Producer, where do you see yourself in five years?
Cajjmere Wray:The future can be a great thing or an ugly thing, and it really comes down to what you put into it, to help make it what it could possibly be. I’d like to say my future will be stunning and great, yet with the demise of the music industry always hanging in the balance, it’s a tough card to call. I think as long as people keep an open mind and continue to love music, and the majority still don’t mind opening up their wallets to support who they want to hear on their iPod’s, myself and a few others should be okay. An important bit of advice I always give on the future of production in music, is that it’s no longer about the money, you have to really love what you do in order to keep yourself going from day to day, and I do love it.

Mark Vicente: What elements create an amazing night?
Cajjmere Wray:An amazing night can incorporate many elements, and I am seeing that people want more, more, more! The bigger the better (as I’ve been told). So that’s why we tend to see more of these big party productions being put on now (ie: EDC Vegas, Matinee, Sensation etc etc..), because people want something bright and flashy to look at along with the music. It’s sad however that some of parties deliver AMAZING visuals, and lack serious luster in the quality of music on deck. I don’t always think of myself as anything great on the decks, but I do have a good sense of what IS great, and a few talents I’ve heard play at these festivals honestly made me shake my head in question. I’m all for the big flashy productions because indeed they do bring the excitement of a party to another level, and if that’s what people want in current times then why not pump it as hard as you can go?

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Q/A with Oren Nizri

July 4, 2013 in DJs, Events, Words by Mark Vicente


Oren Nizri is the resident DJ at The Manor Complex, one of the biggest and most successful clubs in South Florida. During the past few years Oren Nizri had very successful shows from Coast to Coast; and has toured internationally throughout Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Israel and Australia. Oren Nizri has also headlined major LGBT events including The White Party and Winter Party Festival in Miami as well as major festival Hell & Heaven 2011 – one of Brazil’s most attended annual music conferences. Other major international festivals include Sounds Festival in Lima (Peru) , Summer Sounds Festival in Mexico, Gay Prides in Canada, Fall Festival in Argentina, Black Party in London, Winter Music Conference and ULTRA in Miami.

Oren Nizri will be at Appollon, Montreal on Saturday July 6th as part of Inferno Canada Men
Check out what he has to say about DJing!

Mark Vicente: Who would you say are your DJ influences/Inspiration?

Oren Nizri: I grew up on the classic house sound of the 90′s , so the list is endless. Just to name a few Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez ,Masters at Work, Grant Nelson, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles etc

Mark Vicente: At one point did you know that your passion for DJing would also become your career?
Oren Nizri: I wanted to be a movie director as a kid but that idea didn’t last for long. At the age of 16 I really got into music when house music exploded globally – in the mid 90′s – I got so hooked. That’s the first time i ever thought of just and idea to become a DJ but not too seriously and then little by little i knew that’s what i really wanted to do.

Mark Vicente: Why do you think Nightlife/Club Culture is important in Society?
Oren Nizri: For so many reasons but I think one of the main reason is that the whole club culture has always been a way to escape. People work hard all week and when the weekend come, all they wanna do is go out and escape for few hours.. get lost in the magic of the lights the music, not worry about anything just pure fun.

Mark Vicente: What’s one thing you’d like people to know about the Art of DJing
Oren Nizri:It’s not as easy as it looks .There’s a lot of hard work into it in every aspect and it never ends. Every night is like a brand new start. The crowd’s mood and vibes are changing from gig to gig and you always have to be 2 steps ahead. Most importantly, a good DJ should be able to adapt, to entertain and to deliver every time. Every performance is never the same and that makes our work fun but also challenging.

Mark Vicente: What kind of experience can people expect from an Oren Nizri set?
Oren Nizri:I really believe in a journey, a concept that seems to get lost this days. I’m all about taking you to a magical ride of quality house music that is very driven and energetic. I describe my music style like a mixture of sexy and uplifting euro big room house music. If my style sounds exciting to you, I promise you a night you wont forget.

Mark Vicente: How would you describe the perfect party?
Oren Nizri: High production, amazing sounds system and creative themes and visuals, always make for a great experience. I love parties where everyone comes together for the experience and the music. There are a lot of parties like that in Israel, and the energy is just out of control.

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