Big Primpin’: all about the fun

December 14, 2012 in Words by Mark Vicente

Sometimes a night out doesn’t require a shiny new outfit, expensive tickets to the newest after hours or a big international DJ superstar. It’s a particular combination of sorts, the perfect mixture of quality and quantity both in style and music, laced with a hint of irony that can create an enjoyable evening. Big Primpin’ has mastered this party-brew for years now. It’s laid-back, non-pretentious approach feels like you’ve arrived fashionably late to your best friend’s house party just when things are getting wild.

Why does BP work?

People Dress Up Or dress down…or wear whatever the hell they want.

You run into friends you didn’t expect to see…and then they introduce you to their friends. It’s fun, unexpected and a perfect way to touch base while waiting in line at coat check. So it’s not exactly the ideal situation for a heart-to-heart. Who cares? Sometimes the most meaningful conversations can happen in the span of an Aaliyah song.

Strangers are pretty

….and they’re not afraid to have a conversation…or have their picture taken…or maybe even kiss you or grope you on the dance floor. We only live once people. Now’s not the time to be a wallflower!

Your good friends go there …and you don’t see them as much as you’d like and you love them and want to hang with them and be drunk and messy with them because they’ve been with you through much worse.

It’s in the Music… So you can’t remember the name of the DJ and maybe they didn’t blend their beats all the time like a “true professional”. Who gives a sh*t. Just keep playing Destiny’s Child, Eminem, Mya, Solange, Nicki and all that dirty soca…