Back in the game

July 20, 2015 in Words by Mark Vicente


What can I say: it’s been an amazing, overwhelming and challenging six months since I moved to Amsterdam. Change is not an easy. Something that surprised me was the culture shock. Even now after six months I am still getting used to the rhythm of life here. Things can be a bit deceiving. For instance the population is smaller than Montreal but the tourist traffic makes it sometimes feel much denser than it actual is. Also the beautiful bridges and canals can sometimes mask how fast paced and international Amsterdam truly is. Relaxed and vibrant. Friendly but frank, Amsterdam is very much a city of contradictions.

For months, DJing has been a faint thought in my mind. Just getting myself adjusted and getting my work papers took some time. It felt important to me to just sit out, get benched and find my feet. I also spent the first few months in Beginner’s Dutch class which was heel moielijk!

With DJing I felt a new sense of uncertainty. Montreal DJ scene was about connections and constant networking. Without a DJ support system in place I wasn’t sure how to make my way here. Like most things in life there’s not really a road map when it comes to this career.

Three weeks ago a call with a friend gave me the boost to hit the pavement. I needed to get out of my way, get out of my excuses, stop waiting for things to “feel perfect” and just go out there and look for work again. The first gay bar I went to booked me right after listening to my demo mix.

Getting back in the game gives me a bit of the jitters. But my years of cultivating experience in Montreal helps temper those doubtful voices somewhat. Amsterdam is the beginning of a new DJ chapter. With all its amazing venues, clubs and bars I am excited to share some DJ Mark Vicente with the city I now call home.