Q/A Craig Dominic

December 24, 2013 in DJs, Events, Words by Mark Vicente


Craig Dominic just celebrated his sixth year as resident DJ at Crews/Tango and I am very happy that I get an opportunity to DJ alongside him this Friday for College Night. Here is what he had to say about the Art of DJing.

DJ Mark Vicente: When did you know DJing was a passion you wanted to pursue?
Craig Dominic: I realized I loved DJ’ing even before I started. I just never admitted it to myself. I DJ’d (cue’d tracks) in highschool and always spent my time listening to, giving my opinion on, sharing music with everyone else. It was just a matter of time I guess.

DJ Mark Vicente: Who are the DJs/Producers that continue to inspire you?
Craig Dominic: R&B is my first love so the top producers for me give R&B beats.
Even though he’s not so present anymore, Babyface has always been my number one producer.
I have loved Timbaland, Rich Harrison and Rodney Jerkins over the years.
Otherwise I am a huge fan of Dave Aude, Calvin Harris, Avicii right now.

DJ Mark Vicente: Why is Club Culture important in Society?
Craig Dominic:Club culture in general is overlooked as a drunken fantasy life but today it’s where the majority of social interaction outside of work happens. It’s in some ways one of the last great equalizers we have. People of different status, finances, careers, lives etc all find themselves in the same clubs intersecting.

DJ Mark Vicente: How would describe your perfect Party Night Out?
Craig Dominic: My perfect night out is a night filled with R&B music. I’m going on 35 and if anyone plays me R&B from the 90s you’ve basically made my night. I don’t need to drink much, just give me three songs in a row I want to dance to and I’m warmed up.

DJ Mark Vicente: In the past year, what is your proudest moment as a DJ/Producer?
Craig Dominic: My proudest moment as a DJ the last year would be my sets over Toronto Pride 2013. Without getting into it this was the hardest year I’ve ever had on this planet and the epicenter of it all was in June of this year. That I was able to still go out there and play maybe the best I have this year on such a grand scale makes me proud.

I will be spinning with Craig Dominic this Friday for a Special College Night at Church in Church


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