DJ Q/A with Jackie Spade

October 29, 2013 in DJs, Words by Mark Vicente

After living in New York for many years I decided to move back home to Montreal. Jackie Spade was one of the first DJs I got to meet. I am so happy she took some time to reconnect and contribute to my DJ Blog. Here’s what she had to say about DJing.


Mark Vicente:Who are your influences as a DJ and Producer?
Jackie Spade:John Roberts, Steven Campodonico,Avatism, Coeter one and from way back, Carlo Lio. Honestly, a lot of the people closer to me who are incredibly talented artists have influenced me greatly as well, you all know who you are.

Mark Vicente:At what moment did you know that DJing and Producing would be your career?
Jackie Spade:There was one Morning in Montreal a few years ago after my night at Circus Afterhours, which was 3-9am, I thought to myself, man, it’s so cold, I’m so tired….why do I do this to myself? And I thought about it for a second, the night, the crowd, the vibe, the love, the music, everything. I smiled, to myself, walking down the street. I couldn’t stop smiling. I got a feeling that I can hardly describe, A very happy, whole, reassuring, eureka kind of feeling ( I was completely sober by the way, haha). So I thought to myself, aha. THAT is why I do this to myself. That feeling is worth much more than sleep ever will be, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Mark Vicente:Why is club culture important in today’s society?
Jackie Spade:That’s a very loaded question because there are different definitions of Club culture, especially with the rise of “EDM culture”, which means something quite different from what I see as club culture. I see it as a community where you aren’t judged, it really IS all about the music and the vibe, and the real relationships you make within it. It is important because it moves people, it gives people a chance to do and feel and wear what they want and connect in ways that might not have been possible in daytime/every day life.

Mark Vicente:What kind of experience can people expect from a Jackie Spade party?
Jackie Spade:I like to take people on a journey through different genres of house and techno. You can expect music that will keep you bouncing, but not tire you out within an hour. Also expect a more personal experience, I like to be as close to the crowd as possible and look up at them often to interact!

Mark Vicente: You’ve lived in Montreal and now are in Toronto. What do you love about Toronto and miss about Montreal?
Jackie Spade:What I love about Toronto is the universal culture where you work hard and play hard. it makes the playing feel more rewarding and at some venues/events you really feel that “let loose” vibe. What I miss about Montreal is the tighter knit community. Some of the best times I have had are in a basement or DJing just with friends, creating a dance floor in a bedroom. I haven’t found a whole lot of that in Toronto yet.

Mark Vicente:In the last year what are you most proud of?
Jackie Spade:I have to say I am most proud of my new project “Tides”. It is a very personal collection of sets that came out of me when I was in different moods on different days. I think it shows my growth as an artist, and my diversity in terms of music.

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