Interview: DJ Brian Cua

April 12, 2013 in DJs by Mark Vicente


Brian Cua is a respected DJ/Producer based in the Philippines. Thank you Brian for answering my questions about the business. Be sure to check out his beats and also add him on Facebook!

Mark Vicente (M): Who/what inspired you to be a DJ?
Brian Cua (BC): Even as a child, i was already into disco and dance music. In the 80′s i was even more intrigued when i found out what a DJ can do – mix records and keep the dancefloor going. I forgot who were the Dj’s back then – all i remember is how i felt during those times – it was exhilarating to be a slave to the Dj’s beat. In college, i joined a mobile disco group and tried my hand in vinyl mixing but i was so poor at it. Eventually i quit but i got back into it again years later when Traktor came out. It was a weird process – i learned how to DJ first on a laptop, then CDs and finally vinyls. Cocoy Puyat & Travis Monsod – both big DJs in the Manila scene – were my mentors back then.

M: Why is Club life/culture important in society?
BC: I think in every society/culture there’s a need for people to gather, socialize and interact – the club culture provides exactly that. It’s one of the few times that people come together regardless of race, gender or belief. They help shape our modern culture and provide the people a sense of identity. i wish someone would come up a book that narrates Manila’s club culture and how it affected the Philippine society.

M: What is one misconception about being a DJ?
BC: I can list a ton but what i find it sad is that sometimes club goers would assume a DJ is like an iPod – they want to hear what they are used to hearing. I wish they would give more faith to the DJ and educate their ears to new music. Even if a DJs plays all the top40 hits – at least give him/her the courtesy to weave the playlist according to his liking. Also – being a DJ is not easy – even if you’re on a laptop with auto-sync – sometimes it takes more than playing top40 remixes and beatport top 100 stuff – you have to develop a keen music taste that can satisfy all kinds of clubbers, and learning how to read the crowd properly.

M: What do you love to do when not DJing?
BC: When i’m not Djing, i love to travel and see new places. I’d go to a country (other than US or Europe) and learn its music roots, check out their clubs and shows, buy a few CDs of their local sound. Also, i’d use the time to do more remixes and mixsets.

M: There are so many DJs out there today. What makes a DJ great?
BC: A great DJ is a consistent DJ – always playing the right songs at the right moment, can take you on a sonic journey that makes sense, one who can work magic with just the right amount of EQs and effects. A Perfect balance between technical skill and impeccable music taste.