Etchy, Sketchy visions….

December 30, 2012 in Words by Mark Vicente

I’ve called this DJ Blog Night Vision and on the last night before 2013 I’m thinking about my future. Not a future like a dream, a “someday, maybe” but a goal, something that I want to see manifest in time and space. People get scared of goals because once you turn a dream into a goal then it becomes “real” or “important”. People start asking you, “how’s that project coming along? Are you reaching your goals?” With a goal there comes a risk of not succeeding, of failing. With a dream you can always say, “well,it was just a dream anyway.”

Night Life, it seems, is for the young. It’s a youth driven culture. It thrives on young people understanding the importance of letting off steam, buying booze and gyrating to dope beats. So what of those individuals like me who find a calling in Night Life and club music? What does the future look like for us?

In my heart I want to believe that the future is truly that blank canvas waiting for me to paint my masterpiece. Maybe the future is more like an etch-a-sketch: something I am designing with lines that go this way and that with the true possibility that it might not work out and I simply shake myself clean and start fresh.

I have to trust and have faith that there is a beautiful future in DJing. I don’t know where it will lead. In my ideal world my goals would be much clearer. But one thing is certain; as long as I am expanding, contributing and sharing myself with people, DJing has something to teach me. There is still so much to learn.

@ Sky

December 22, 2012 in Events by Mark Vicente

Slow nights are tough. I don’t know if people realize how much DJs rely on the crowd as an indication for how a party is going. It’s easy for doubt to creep in. And then these two guys show up and in that instant I think “this is why I do this. To see people dance.”

Why I like Sander Kleinenberg…

December 21, 2012 in DJs by Mark Vicente

Recently International DJ Sander Kleinenberg posted a pic on his facebook page that put a smile on my face. It was a picture of him spinning with the caption that read “most difficult gig of the year; playing at my daughter’s school.”

I love this for so many reasons. Sander’s sound has been such a huge influence on the electronic music scene for decades now and he practically pioneered the concept of adding Digital Video imagery to his shows around the globe.

I had the privilege of seeing Sander Kleinenberg once in Toronto. What I remember was his energy and passion behind the decks and his love for creating a good party. I am a sucker for a DJ who dances and smiles when he’s playing. That kind of openness and love is what transcends a simple night clubbing into an uplifting experience.

I love this photo because I have this conversation in my head that to be a successful, International DJ like Sander Kleinenberg, you can’t have a “normal” life. That with fame and recognition comes sacrifices and compromises that can’t support a healthy relationship that include family and kids.

This photo completely shatters that illusion. It makes me believe that if you follow your dreams there is no reason why you can’t have it all; you can have a successful night life career AND a happy family-life if that’s what you want. And what I like most about this photo is that whether it’s a gig in one of the most impressive clubs in the world, or his daughter’s class, Sander is still putting his hands in the air and smiling ear to ear. That, to me, is inspiring.

Big Primpin’: all about the fun

December 14, 2012 in Words by Mark Vicente

Sometimes a night out doesn’t require a shiny new outfit, expensive tickets to the newest after hours or a big international DJ superstar. It’s a particular combination of sorts, the perfect mixture of quality and quantity both in style and music, laced with a hint of irony that can create an enjoyable evening. Big Primpin’ has mastered this party-brew for years now. It’s laid-back, non-pretentious approach feels like you’ve arrived fashionably late to your best friend’s house party just when things are getting wild.

Why does BP work?

People Dress Up Or dress down…or wear whatever the hell they want.

You run into friends you didn’t expect to see…and then they introduce you to their friends. It’s fun, unexpected and a perfect way to touch base while waiting in line at coat check. So it’s not exactly the ideal situation for a heart-to-heart. Who cares? Sometimes the most meaningful conversations can happen in the span of an Aaliyah song.

Strangers are pretty

….and they’re not afraid to have a conversation…or have their picture taken…or maybe even kiss you or grope you on the dance floor. We only live once people. Now’s not the time to be a wallflower!

Your good friends go there …and you don’t see them as much as you’d like and you love them and want to hang with them and be drunk and messy with them because they’ve been with you through much worse.

It’s in the Music… So you can’t remember the name of the DJ and maybe they didn’t blend their beats all the time like a “true professional”. Who gives a sh*t. Just keep playing Destiny’s Child, Eminem, Mya, Solange, Nicki and all that dirty soca…

why we dance

December 11, 2012 in images by Mark Vicente

Events: where will you be dancing tonight?

December 7, 2012 in Events by Mark Vicente

===NIGHT VISION=== welcome to my Website/Blog

December 7, 2012 in Words by Mark Vicente

Of course I wanted to create a website so people could find me on the web, hear my mixes and find a way to book my DJ services. But I also wanted a forum to explore some really simple ideas and questions:

- what exactly is Night Life? What is its purpose?

- Why is it important to have a Night Life? What is the role of a DJ?

- What is the relation between Day Life and Night Life? Between Music and Dancer? Between Dancer and Club space?

- What makes a vibrant and diverse Club scene and community?

I’m hoping to use this weekly blog as a means to inquire about these (and other) questions. I’ve been going to clubs since I was seventeen. I can remember vividly my first experience going to a Rave that my friend Brendan took me to. I remember being immersed in darkness and shooting lights and music with bass that made my ribcage rattle and skin vibrate.

This love affair with Night Life has led me to this point. And more than ever I am so curious about this need for people to congregate and move in rhythm together to beats that are at the same time both ancient and futuristic. I am so fascinated by this desire to dress up or cloak ourselves and sneak out into the night to go dancing.

I think there’s something necessary about having a healthy Night Life. Whether it’s meeting cool people or going to a great restaurant. Night Life is a way for us to connect in a way that it very different from our daily lives. We approach people differently, we say things differently.

With the amount of energy, effort and seriousness we put in our daily lives, ask yourself, “Is it really important to my growth and development to have a Night Life?”